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Leather Cleaning

Around the end of the 1990’s leather furniture became very popular . It was no longer only available to the more ‘well off ‘ . For a number  of reasons (not all good  ) the cost of leather furniture was such that it  was an option for most home owners.  More & more of our clients were purchasing leather.

We saw the need to be able to care for these suites . That did not mean just buying some leather cleaner & offering ‘professional ‘ leather cleaning – thats not the way we work !

We researched where to get trained in this field. In 2003 Mike started training at the Leather Technical and Training  centre in Harrogate under in our opinion a leading authority  in leather care , the late Andy Alcock.

It soon became apparent there was alot to learn ,but were glad we made the effort !-

  • Identifying leather types
  • Cleaning & protecting
  • Colour & finish repair
  • Minor cuts & scratches
  • Pigment recolour
  • Aniline colour restoration

Before you let anyone touch your leather furniture – check out their qualifications.

If it needs cleaning or you have finish problems give Mike a ring & let him advise on the best way  to sort it out.


Mulgrave Estate has used Mike Roper's upholstery cleaning services over a number of years. We have always been delighted with Mike's work and have no hesitation in recommending him. Mulgrave Estate
We have used Mike Roper of Whitby for many years, for cleaning contracts at home and in our tea rooms. He has always carried out the work thoroughly and with professionalism. We have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Mike Roper for a job well done. Bothams of Whitby
We have used Mike Roper regularly since we opened the Moon and Sixpence in 2006. He is always efficient and flexible to help in emergencies. I can fully endorse the services provided by Mike Roper, our business could not run without him. Linda Watson

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